Warren Haynes hosts Jason Isbell, Lukas Nelson, and Jonathan Wilson at Newport Folk Festival.

July 27, 2019
Slide & Banjo

If anyone’s wondering why you go to festivals, well…this is it. Yesterday (July 26, 2019) at Newport Folk Festival Warren Haynes played a solo acoustic set, and at the end brought out Jason Isbell, Jonathan Wilson, and Lukas Nelson for Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young’s “Find the Cost of Freedom” that segued into Newport legend Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War.”

The set also saw former Black Crowe Audley Freed on “Workin’ on a Full House,” and a slew of Warren acoustic standards like “Soulshine,” “Glory Road,” and “The Real Thing.”

Patchwork Quilt
Traveling Tune
Glory Road
The Real Thing
Indian Sunset
Two Of A Kind
Workin’ On A Full House*
Find The Cost Of Freedom > Masters Of War**

* with Audley Freed
** with Jason Isbell, Lukas Nelson and Jonathan Wilson

Video: Amy Karibian

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