Marcus King: Young Blood with an old soul

August 9, 2022
Jamie Russell

Marcus King; photo: Danny Clinch

If there was any doubt as to whether guitarist Marcus King has massive musical talent, there won’t be after people check out his latest album, “Young Blood.” The new release sees King reunited with producer Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) on a rocket-fueled journey through his personal struggles in a way only he can.  

With honesty pouring out of his lyrics and his soul pouring from his ’59 Les Paul, “Young Blood” is arena rock and roll to its very core. The eleven new tracks on the record – released on Rick Rubin’s American Records/Republic – are power trio rock at its finest.

Inspired by the likes of Grand Funk Railroad, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top and Black Sabbath, “Young Blood” feels like a well-needed ride back into the 1970s. The songs are big, loud, and raw.

From the opening track, a fast-paced breakup anthem “It’s Too Late” to a locked-in, gritty “Lie Lie Lie,” and from the bluesy rock in “Blood on the Tracks,” to the catchy, carefree “Dark Cloud,” listeners will find themselves spinning the album from front to back, over and over.

The album harkens back to the times when people drove fast with the windows down and the Allman Brothers or Free blaring through the speakers. That is the beauty of ”Young Blood,” as the ride King takes listeners on convey his rock influences throughout each tune.  

“Young Blood” proves not only is Marcus King here to stay, but that he is just getting started. He is one of those rare talents to get in on early before the rest of the world finds out, because it won’t be long once the album drops.

Marcus King; photo: Danny Clinch
photo: Danny Clinch

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