Quarantine Life, Part 1

April 3, 2020
Slide & Banjo

Since the world shut down a few weeks ago and all live music events have come to a stop we have been wondering what those in the music industry have been doing with their time at home.  We reached out and asked our friends, favorite bands, and people in the questions below to find out what they have been doing while living the Quarantine Life.

Like many bands, they have all tried to stay connected to fans with live streams and releasing new music.  Please support all these musicians with their streams and new music. If you are not familiar with a band on this list, give them a listen, you will not be disappointed!  Make sure to check out and support all the small business recommendations below. We are all in this together and we can all help. After reading through all the responses, if there is one thing we can know for sure it’s then when this is all over, we expect a lot of epic new music about “Tiger King Joe Exotic.”

1. What you have been doing with your time and to keep sane?
2. What are you listening to and reading? 
3. Latest Netflix discovery?  
4. What’s the one thing you could not do without right now? 
5. Any local business or group you want to give a shout out to who has been doing something in your area to help during these times that you want people to be aware of and support?
6. Any thoughts you want to share with our readers?

Jeremy Garrett – Infamous Stringdusters
1. I’ve been learning how to use the internet properly…Lol.  I know that sounds funny, but I am very challenged in this regard and all the streaming that’s happening has got me educating myself quick!  I’ve been working on new music and new songs of course. I also have a Rosetta Stone for Spanish that I’ve never cracked open. I believe it’s time for that!
2.  I’ve been reading spiritual things lately and my latest has been cruising through the Dalai Lama’s Little Book of Wisdom.  A lot of great stuff in there to put some thought on. 
3. N/A
4. I am well prepared for this mandate to stay home and am happy to do it.  I’m only concerned if I run out of coffee!
5. I’d love to give a shout out to all the volunteers pitching in on our situation with this CoronaVirus.  My wife and many others from our little mountain community have been sewing face masks and other things as well as pitching in for some of the older folks that are needing to stay home.  
6. It’s going to take all of us to get through this.  We will do it together! 

Andy Thorn / Photo: Josh Mintz

Andy Thorn – Leftover Salmon
1. We’re super lucky to live in the Boulder foothills, so it’s never hard to find outdoor entertainment up here.  Love biking around these hills. This week, it’s been snowing so we’ve been skiing down the dirt roads! When I’m not outdoors, music and cooking keep me busy.  Been mixing a new EP with Erik Deutsch. We recorded it at his place in Mexico City. It’s just grand piano and acoustic banjo, but it’s sounding amazing. I also really love bothering my wife and convincing her to make music videos with me.  It’s so fun to share our mountain setting with folks who may be quarantining somewhere more urban. 
2. Been listening to all sorts of great stuff.  Been super into Chick Corea and Bela Fleck The Enchantment while working on our banjo/piano record.  Also any Debussy stuff for Harp is some of the most relaxing music I’ve heard.  Also been enjoying some more modern stuff like Maggie Rodgers.
3. Cecelia and I started binge-watching Jane the Virgin last winter while I was recovering from my broken leg.  I was highly medicated and thought it was the best show I’d ever seen.  This pandemic felt like a good time to get back into it. Makes me feel like I’m on drugs again – but in a good way!  Also now Schitt’s Creek is our favorite too.
4. Firewood and weed
5. There are so many everyday heroes at the essential businesses that are still providing people with what they need. This even includes dispensaries.  Our friends at 14er have been open this whole time and are being super careful while selling people the medicine they need. 
6. Been really inspired by how the music community is responding to this crisis.  I hope we’ll come out better on the other side.

Jon Stickley – Jon Stickley Trio
1. Well, I will not say that I have been keeping completely sane. Between the news, and adjusting to this new way of life I’ve been getting a little wonky at times.  I’ve been playing my Native American flute a lot which has been very soothing. Also, we’re releasing a new album on April 3rd, so I’m trying to pump that up through social media.  I never thought I would be as grateful for these social media platforms as I am now! I’ve also been jamming along to some of my favorite nineties bluegrass albums from Lonesome River Band, Lou Reid and Carolina, and IIIrd Tyme Out.  They make me happy. 
2. I get pretty nostalgic with my listening choices, so a lot of David Grisman Quintet, Russ Barenburg, and of course Tony Rice.  I usually listen to a lot of punk rock and some of the dance-metal bands like Turmion Katilot and the new Rammstein album, but now that I’m not driving the van for hours on end, I haven’t been rocking out as much.  More chill stuff for sure. Don’t do enough reading unfortunately. 
3. Well, we watched Outbreak last night.  I remember loving that movie when I saw it in high school. Upon the second visit it seemed insanely over dramatic with too much forced action. Tiger King is amazing, crazy, and sad.  Loved the hell out of it! Currently in the middle of Unabomber: In His Own Words, which is kinda blowing my mind.  I was too young to remember anything about that case other than the infamous composite sketch, but the in-depth accounts of the crimes, the story of his life, and the length of his bombing spree are blowing my mind. 
4. Probably my phone.  It is like a lifeline as far as staying connected to the people I care about.  It’s amazing that we can video chat, live stream, record, and all this stuff on it.  One of the most important things about the spring touring and festival season is that it is a chance to see so many old friends and family that are separated by distance.  Missing out on that sucks, but this dang phone keeps us a little more “together.”
5. I’m not really sure since I haven’t left the house much, but I’ll give a huge shout out to all the workers keeping my local Ingles supermarket up and running.  They are putting themselves at risk for very minimal compensation, and I applaud them for that. Everyone’s gotta eat. 
6. I’m realizing how insane it is to try and NOT do anything!  And under the threat of death for that matter. 100% loss of income and the removal of your life’s purpose are difficult things to go through. I just want everyone to know I feel the pain, and I am right there with you.  Things are probably gonna get a little weird, and that’s ok. Stay strong, and stream our new album on April 3rd, wherever you get your music. Festivaaaaal!

Katia “Pixie” Racine – Pixie & the Partytgrass Boys
1. I have been taking advantage of all the time to work on my house and hang out with my dogs.  But I’ve also really been digging into the business side of what we do. Partygrass is self-managed currently and it’s really hard to find time while touring to also be an effective marketer, manager, etc. We have a new single coming out April 7th so I’ve been focusing on promotion for that.  Oh, and I started a 21 day Meditation program!
2. I’ve been listening to everything! Amanda, Andrew, and I have actually been putting together Playlists on the Partygrass Spotify of what we’re listening to right now. 
3. Look, I know, I know, but, Tiger King! What. A. Ride.. 
4. Hmmm… the internet? It’s how we’ve managed to stay productive and connected with our fans.  Our wonderful community has made this whole experience so much more manageable, in more than one way.
5. One of our local music stores, Acoustic Music, was delivering strings to people’s houses and even offering front porch re-strings.  Ogden’s Own, a local distillery, hopped on getting all the proper permits and has been cranking out hand sanitizer. 
6. We’re all in this together, and I’ve got your back!  Life may be uncertain right now, but it’s also a great opportunity to step back and reevaluate our relationship to so many things. What if you could take this time to allow yourself to just experience being?  Allow yourself to rest, cry, laugh, create, play and get curious!

Winston Huega / Photo: Scott Seifert

Winston Heuga – Tenth Mountain Division
1. I recently purchased a year’s worth of mandolin classes from Mike Marshall off of artistworks.com and it has been a godsend in these times, I highly recommend trying it – even just for a month! Aside from learning as many fiddle tunes as I can I have been cooking A LOT, I’m guessing I’ve put on a couple pounds by now.  As for the world of Tenth Mountain Division, we were very bummed to have to postpone/cancel our spring tour which included our first headlining performance at The Bluebird Theater in Denver and supporting slots for Jojo Herman of Widespread Panic w/ Slim Wednesday as well as the Cris Jacobs Band. Like everyone else we are trying our best to come up with fresh content to keep our fans entertained and stay in the forefront of their minds. You can expect a single off of our upcoming album produced by Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth to be dropped soon as well as some live streams through Nugs.TV and the Live From out There virtual festival. 
2. It’s funny, I’ve noticed recently that I have been listening to a lot less music.  I think because my entire life is surrounded by music that when I am at home I like to turn it off a bit.  If I had to choose one band right now that I could put on repeat it would be Tedeschi Trucks Band. Also, I did just get my first record player and my mom gave me her entire collection from her childhood so it has been really fun going through her old records. I never believed her that she was a Deadhead but I’ve definitely found a few of their records in her collection! As for books I am starting to dive into legendary bassist Victor Wooten’s book The Music Lesson.
3. Tiger King! I think we can all agree that Carol killed her husband.  Ozark is another favorite right now. 
4. My mandolin and weed, but mainly my mando.
5. A mutual friend of mine just opened a brewery in Boulder called Uhls Brewing.  They have great beer and couldn’t have chosen a worse time to open. How could he have known?  If you’re into craft brewing definitely give them a look and help them keep their doors open in these trying times. 
6. From everyone at Tenth Mountain Division we would like to thank everyone on the front lines of this thing.  This is a truly unique situation we are in and if we all stick together and look out for each other’s mental health then we will pull through this! Virtually hug your friends and family, wash your hands, STAY HOME & be good to one another.  We’ll see you at that first festival!

Adam Greuel – Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
1. Well, when I realized what was going on, which was honestly right around the time that SXSW canceled, I started to write about the current times with a poet friend of mine named Pete Kahn from down in Milwaukee.  It dawned on me that, despite having just released one, I needed to release another solo album. So I set up a makeshift studio in my home and off we go. It’s been a healing process for me, something that mellows the anxiety of the unknown circumstances for which we’re all in.  Aside from that, my family and I make maple syrup. So I’m collecting and cooking sap, thus getting some good exercise during the day to sleep better at night. All in all, it feels like a good opportunity to recharge and get ready for the next phase in life.
2. I’ve been collecting vinyl since I was in high school, so I’m getting into listening to that.  Life was so fast for a bit there that I wasn’t doing some of the things I love, like listening to old records and grilling. The last three records I’ve listed to are Linda Ronstadt’s Don’t Cry Now, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s Partners, Brothers, and Friends, Neil Young’s Massey Hall 1971,  Gordan Lightfoot’s Gord’s Gold, and Tony Rice’s Cold on the Shoulder.  I’ve mostly been reading fly fishing books and Life’s Journey According to Mister Rodgers, both of which are damn good for the soul.
3. That I’d rather be making music or fishing than watching Netflix.
4. Guitars, sap, sage, scotch, charcoal. That’s five, I know. 
5. Driftless Books & Music down in Viroqua has been doing these live book auctions where musicians also Skype in and play.  That’s been super cool and is really an innovative idea in a strange time. My local country bar is still making pizzas and slinging cocktails out their front window.  I went over there and got myself a double tequila and a cauliflower crust pizza the other day. It’s been pretty damn awesome to see everyone doing live streams and having fans and friends support it to the degree that they have.
6.  You don’t have to be with other people to show and send love.  Putting that good energy out to fellow man and the earth right now is something that’s good for the collective soul and consciousness. I’m not advocating for blind optimism, I’m advocating for putting good energy out into the world from our hearts and minds.  Community still exists in these times, even if it’s quite a bit different.

Erwin Schemankewitz

Erwin Schemankewitz – Manger/ Agent- Ever Upward Entertainment 
1. I started running every morning with my girlfriend and dog. It’s been nice to still get up early even though the workload is down and clear my head first thing in the morning. I’ve also started picking up the guitar again… Who knows, you may even see a FB video soon. I’ve been helping The Jauntee with video recording sets in their basement to premiere on these ever-growing online live streams as well. Been spending a lot of time with the dog and doing yardwork/spring planting too.
2. I’ve been listening to a lot of The Postal Service lately. I used to be a big Ben Gibbard fan. Loved his songwriting and all his side projects were always super cool. Wilco always seems to be a constant soundtrack. I’ll be listening to Phish’s “new album” or whatever they decide to fool us with tonight. I need to read more, open to good book suggestions!
3. The Pharmacist was really good, about the opioid crisis in Louisiana. Tiger King, of course. New season of Ozark came out last week, so I already made a dent in that. My friend has a daughter so he gave me his Disney+ account so I can watch The Mandalorian. He understands these rough times. I also started watching Man In The High Castle on Amazon Prime. It’s about the US if we would have lost WWII.  The Pacific states are under Japanese control and the Atlantic status under Nazi control.  Pretty cool show.
4. Given the situation, my yard!  And probably a six pack and joint
5. Stoned Apetit is a podcast that highlights all local things Denver. They’ve been crushing it and I recommend folks to check them out for good recs in the area. Personally, Food: Fire On The Mountain, Blue Pan Pizza, and Denver Ted’s Cheesesteaks.
Beer: Beyond The Mountain in Boulder (awesome dudes that have a Double IPA created by The Jauntee called Head Spin), Spangalang, Our Mutual Friend, Fiction Brewing
Music: The best thing people can do right now though is tune into live streams and DONATE to your local hometown heros. These musicians have lost all forms of income a
6. We’re all in this together and we will get through this. There’s no need to panic or worry about where we are right now. I’ve had a strange sense of peace through this whole thing knowing that I cannot control any of it and it will work itself out. There are so many other people in the same position as myself (financially and otherwise) that I truly think we will get through this stronger than before. I’m lucky and thankful to be a part of the music community which in itself is one of the strongest communities that exist… it is the reason I do what I do.

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  1. Love it people ! Thanks for putting this together.
    I would like to chime in too as a regular person of interest and a bass player
    I’ll jus do my own on a post
    I very much enjoyed reading your answers to the questions. Peace and Love
    Beth Cooke

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