Quarantine Life, Part 1

April 3, 2020
Slide & Banjo

Since the world shut down a few weeks ago and all live music events have come to a stop we have been wondering what those in the music industry have been doing with their time at home.  We reached out and asked our friends, favorite bands, and people in the questions below to find out what they have been doing while living the Quarantine Life.

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Adam Greuel: Low Income Porridge

March 25, 2020
Chris Castino

Adam Greuel is a special person.  The conditions that existed in the universe to create him, I’ll never understand, as much as I’d love to regularly recreate them. He seems to have these three characteristics in abundance: courage, generosity, and curiosity.  To be a successful musician these are the three things you need to have. Adam has the courage to step on stage and lay it on the line – no holding back.

And any musician will tell you that generosity is a thing that feels like encouragement to whoever you might be sharing the stage with. The generous player always gets invited back. 

Curiosity is what put him in the room or at the festival to hear all sorts of good, live music at an early age. But on his latest album titled Low Income Porridge (Casimir Gold Records) his curiosity has manifested.  Beyond the widespread success of his band Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Adam is now producing records for other artists and for himself. Because, well – courage…generosity…curiosity.  And it’s at work on this collection of original tunes.

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