Four Years Later: JRAD Finally plays Help > Slipknot > Franklin’s Tower

September 28, 2019
Marty Halpern

Until September 26, 2019, the last time Joe Russo’s Almost Dead played the popular song trio “Help on the Way > Slipknot > Franklin’s Tower” in order was New Year’s Day 2016 – 1364 days, or 148 JRAD shows, ago. The reason those numbers are easy to find is super fan Stevie “Weavie” Pancoast.

Pancoast has been keeping tally of the streak since it began. As Stevie says, “They’ve been trying really hard not to play it.”  So in Stevie’s hometown of Philadelphia – with him front and center and 35 “Help > Slipknot > not Franklin’s Towers” later, the band ended the streak.

To prove playing the trio in order wasn’t a coincidence, confetti cannons and smoke bombs were set off the second the band officially transitioned from “Slipknot” to “Franklin’s Tower.” After the show, the band presented Stevie Weavie, as he’s known to his friends, with a giant personalized trophy commemorating the end of the streak.

JRAD and Stevie Weavie; Photo: Kris Pancoast

The interaction and relationship JRAD has with its fans is something that must be seen to be believed. It’s not hard to bump into several members of the band while traveling for their shows. So not only was Russo aware of the streak, he and Stevie had discussed it several times.

Joe Russo and Rocket; Photo: Dave Hammond

Any time Stevie would guess a possible ending date for the streak, the best he could get from Russo was “Don’t you worry, Mr. Weavie. We’ve got plans in store.”

Whether it’s recognizing a 23-year-old fan for keeping the band’s statistics, or inviting 7-year-old Rocket on stage after the show for his first drumming lesson, the band seems to be having as much fun as its fans.

Stay tuned to for an in-depth look at the unique relationship between JRAD and its fans, and see how these interactions are creating great music and memories on and off the stage for everyone involved.

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