Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams Spreading Love and Telling Tales

March 31, 2023
Marty Halpern

When Slide&Banjo spoke to Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams about their latest release “Live at Levon’s!” the musical tag team made their intentions clear, priority number one is making music together. Anything else is a distant second at best. The duo has lived up to their word setting out on an early spring tour with fellow Americana singer Shawn Mullins.

The acoustic show features a set by Campbell and Williams, and one by Mullins. The trio join up to play several songs together to end the show. Campbell and Williams also take time to banter amongst themselves and the crowd telling tales of how their love blossomed through their music.

The concert is as brilliant as it simple. Campbell showcases the mastery he’s learned on the acoustic guitar and mandolin. His playing has a smoothness and flow that leaves no doubt why the best of the best (Dylan, Helm, Lesh, Kaukonen, etc.) have had him at their side for decades. His violin playing is even better. Jaw dropping and mesmerizing. But the highest peak each night is reached when Williams’s soulful country vocals and Campbell’s guitar collide with the love the two create playing together, but as one. The unique connection launches the duo into rare air that leaves Williams literally shaking with excitement.

Slide&Banjo’s Marty Halpern met up with Campbell and Williams at their show at the City Winery in Nashville where the pair reveled in the fun and ease they’ve found on the road. Campbell mused “this is exactly what we had in mind when putting this tour together.” Their schedule for 2023 is peppered with well spaced out tour dates which allows Williams time to spend with her family in West Tennessee. Campbell will join her later this year where he will make the short commute to record in nearby Muscle Shoals. The next Campbell/Williams studio album is also in the works.

Here are pictures and audience shot video of “Surrender to Love” and “Darlin’ Be Home Soon,” from the City Winery Nashville 3/26/23

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