Bassist Karina Rykman set to release “City Kids” and more!

August 25, 2020
Marty Halpern

Like everyone else, Karina Rykman’s plans for 2020 have taken a dramatic shift. Coming off an incredibly busy 2019 which saw a significant rise in popularity and demand for new music, Rykman was set to hit the recording studio in March. Those plans were scrapped as New York became one of the epicenters for a massive COVID-19 outbreak.

Rykman spent the next few months in upstate New York where she took part in several “quarantine” streams to raise money for those most impacted by COVID.

In July the New York transmission rate decreased, and Rykman headed back to the city and rescheduled her recording time with engineer Todd Carder at The Bunker studio. Rykman, Carder and bandmates Adam November (guitar) and Chris Corsico (drums) “socially distanced” and spent the next few days tracking and mixing “City Kids,” set for release August 28 on, according to Rykman, “every platform known to man.”

“City Kids” is a tongue and cheek take on what it’s like growing up in Manhattan versus the suburbs, and it lets Rykman’s bold bass leads and synth playing keep the bouncy, funky groove throughout.

Not only did Rykman record “City Kids” in July, she also recorded a second song for release during those sessions. Rykman is tight lipped about which other song she has in the can, but just knowing another song is ready to go should please her fans.

We recently caught up with Rykman to discuss her upcoming release.

SaB: Tell us about “City Kids.” It has a super energetic beat to it that could be a perfect “song of the summer.”

KR: “City Kids” is unbridled joy meets lunatic sunshine. A left-of-center up-tempo celebration, with a cynical and self-deprecating account of why growing up in Manhattan can make a person out of touch with societal norms and suburban customs – like pumping gas, camping, and certainly walking on grass. All while pulsing bass lines and synthesizers push the dance party onwards. 

SaB: Despite being only your third release, “City Kids” has a “Rykman” vibe to it, both in the output sound you chose for your bass as well as the overall composition of the song. Are you making a conscious effort to create a specific “sound?”

KR: Nothing too conscious about it, other than it’s just what’s pouring out of me at this time. I want to make fun upbeat music right now. I NEED the energy! I want to be that person for the people right now, when the world is in shambles and crumbling in front of us.

Everything you read is horrible, everything is unequal, and it’s painful to keep up with the turmoil of the world. This song is 4 minutes and 20 seconds of a break from it all.

SaB: For someone used to living on the road and touring as much as possible, 2020 must be a culture shock for you. How are you handling a completely opposite year than what you planned for?

KR: It’s different, that’s for sure! I’m going to bed before midnight – I’ve NEVER done that! I’ve never slept in the same bed for this long. I’m just trying to stay positive through it all and make it a productive time.

It’s not just my life that was put on hold, so to speak – it’s everyone’s. And that’s heavy, but not nearly as heavy as what many people are dealing with. I consider myself extremely lucky in all regards right now, very grateful for my family and friends and the health of those around me.

SaB: What can we expect from Karina Rykman in the near future?

KR: A whole lot more music!

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