Joan Osborne Dials Up an A.M. Radio Sound with A Modern Message

September 25, 2020
Marty Halpern

Joan Osborne ; photo: Jeff Fasano

When Joan Osborne started kicking around ideas for her new album, she contemplated taking it in a couple of directions. First, a follow up to the Bob Dylan tribute album she released in 2017. After a few other thoughts and ideas didn’t materialize, Osborne gathered her group of longstanding backup vocalists and musicians and headed to the studio to record an album of new material.

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Trigger Hippy growls its way to the finish line in Memphis

December 31, 2019
Marty Halpern

Words / Photos: Marty Halpern
After spending much of the last two months on the road supporting their latest album Full Circle and Then Some, Trigger Hippy played its next to last concert of the tour at Growlers in Memphis on December 20. While there is no direct connection between the band and Memphis, there seemed to be a familiar, family vibe throughout the venue all night. Before the show, almost every member of the band could be seen shooting pool or just hanging out in the crowd.

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Trigger Hippy Reloads, Re-groups, and Records

October 9, 2019
Marty Halpern

Trigger Hippy

In 2014, after five years of touring with different band configurations, Trigger Hippy finally released its self-titled debut album. The band hit the road for over 40 energetic shows in 2014 and 2015 to support the album. So what do you do when everything finally seems to be falling into place? Put the band on hiatus of course.

That’s what founding members Steve Gorman (drummer The Black Crowes) and bassist Nick Govrik decided to do at the end of 2015. Not only was Gorman fully involved with Trigger Hippy at the time, he was also in the middle of dealing with the implosion and end of the Black Crowes. “I had a hangover from both bands, it really was that simple.” Gorman said.

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Return of Trigger Hippy

July 15, 2019
Slide & Banjo

Rejuvenated artist collective Tigger Hippy is back with their first album in five years, Full Circle And Then Some, releasing October 11th via Turkey Grass Records/Thirty Tigers. Led by Black Crowes co-founder/drummer Steve Gorman and bassist/vocalist Nick Govrik, Trigger Hippy, version 2.0, now features Band Of Heathens vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ed Jurdi and powerhouse vocalist/saxophonist Amber Woodhouse as they write the next chapter. 

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