Seth Walker Puts His Troubles Behind Him

May 17, 2022
Marty Halpern

Seth Walker – Photo: Joshua Black Wilkins

The last few years have been rough on Seth Walker even without the chaos caused by COVID-19. Dealing with the end of a long term relationship, the musician decided to pack up and move from Nashville, TN to Asheville, NC, not far from where he grew up. He needed the Blue Ridge Mountains’ tranquility to try and answer some serious life questions, and the fresh air and family time were exactly what Walker needed.

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Seth Walker’s Van Is On Fire

March 10, 2021
Slide & Banjo

Seth Walker is a musician by trade, and a good one at that. The traveling troubadour has spent the last couple of decades traversing the world, playing gigs of all sizes, shapes and forms. Thanks to the covid pandemic, Walker’s plans for 2020 took a considerable detour. 

Fortunately, the change of plans allowed Walker the opportunity to chase a new muse. He used his unexpected free time to write “Your Van is on Fire: the Miscellaneous Meanderings of a Musician,” a compilation of essays, poems, and artwork covering everything from being raised on a North Carolina commune to barely making it through a gig on a ship in the middle of a raging North Sea.

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