Introducing the Mattson 2 Again and Again

February 6, 2020
Marty Halpern

Mattson 2; photo by Mark Witannan

If you are trying to find criteria to differentiate a new band from an established one, do not use The Mattson 2 as an example. Technically the “2,” identical twin brothers Jared (guitar/bass) and Jonathan Mattson (drums) have been a national touring act after signing with an agent in 2016. The twins released A Love Supreme – the duo’s interpretation of the classic John Coltrane album – in 2018, but 2019’s Paradise is the first full album with original Mattson 2 material in almost a decade. Paradise went to number one on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz charts so most people would think they’re a hot, new band off to a great start. That’s where they would be wrong.

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