Caleb Stine releases “Life and Times of a Handyman”twelfth album

November 2, 2021
Slide & Banjo

Caleb Stine is an American artist known for his performance, songwriting, and visual art. Flying just below the mainstream radar, Stine has released a dozen albums, opened shows for Jason Isbell, Bombino, and Sam Bush, acted Off-Broadway, and drawn storyboards for John Waters, and he has now released his 12th album, “The Life and Times of a Handyman.”

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Caleb Stine & the Revelations: Mystic Country

February 11, 2020
Tim Newby

A revelation is a surprising and previously unknown fact. Caleb Stine & the Revelations is a Baltimore-based band, and to many outside their hometown, the first time they hear Stine’s music is a revelation into the power of his songwriting. With his latest release, Mystic Country, Stine will undoubtedly become a revelation to many more. 

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