There’s Plenty of Leftover Salmon to go Around

July 28, 2021
Marty Halpern

photo: John-Ryan Lockman

Leftover Salmon has been creating music for over a generation., and their accomplishments have let them travel the world, playing in front of hundreds of thousands of fans. Never one to phone it in, the band has released “Brand New Good Old Days,” an impressive collection of songs that sets the current course the band is heading.

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Blast from the past with The Tragically Hip’s Sasksadelphia

June 1, 2021
Josh Mintz

The Tragically Hip; photo: Jim Herrington

In the summer of 1993 I went to a sleepaway camp in Starlight, Pennsylvania. I was a 15-year-old from Charleston, South Carolina, and a few of my cabin mates were from Canada. We did all of your typical summer camp things, and playing music loud was obviously one of them. Over the several weeks we spent together I fell in love with a band my Canadian bunkmates introduced me to – The Tragically Hip, a massively popular rock band north of the border that I’d never heard of. To this day, they’re still one of my favorites, and recently released a ”new” album, “Saskadelphia.”


The Music and Mythocracy of Col. Bruce Hampton: A Basically True Biography by Jerry Grillo

May 18, 2021
Tim Newby

How do you tell the story of an Alien?  How do you tell the story of someone who was so mysterious, yet at the same time so open and honest? Someone who seemed instantly connected to everyone he knew, who seemed to know the secrets of the universe. If you are writer Jerry Grillo, you do it one word at a time, in his new book, The Music and Mythocracy of Col. Bruce Hampton: A Basically True Biography.

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Can Amigo the Devil Get Past His Nightmares?

May 7, 2021
Marty Halpern

Photo: Alicia Way

Danny Kiranos’s path from beer brewer to musician is one that has never existed, nor will ever be replicated. The cerebral Kiranos revels in the thought of being a walking oxymoron. One look at the large, scruffy, fully tattooed musician paints the opposite picture of what you would visualize a folky, banjo player to look like. From lyrics like “I hope your husband dies” to a song told from the point of view of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, nothing about Kiranos follows your standard playbook.

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Seth Walker’s Van Is On Fire

March 10, 2021
Slide & Banjo

Seth Walker is a musician by trade, and a good one at that. The traveling troubadour has spent the last couple of decades traversing the world, playing gigs of all sizes, shapes and forms. Thanks to the covid pandemic, Walker’s plans for 2020 took a considerable detour. 

Fortunately, the change of plans allowed Walker the opportunity to chase a new muse. He used his unexpected free time to write “Your Van is on Fire: the Miscellaneous Meanderings of a Musician,” a compilation of essays, poems, and artwork covering everything from being raised on a North Carolina commune to barely making it through a gig on a ship in the middle of a raging North Sea.

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When Scott met Katie: Chivalry Connects A Couple of Opposites

February 2, 2021
Marty Halpern

“Four years ago, this band was playing a night at the Brooklyn Bowl and I rolled into soundcheck and Joe (Russo) said ‘We’re having a special guest sit in with us tonight… A violinist.’ That night she made an impression on everyone there. She made an impression on all of us,” says Scott Metzger.

“But she made an impression on me that frankly I’m still recovering from. I feel like the luckiest dude in the world. Four years later, last week, I asked Katie Jacoby to marry me, and she said yes.”

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Back to semi-normal with Jason Isbell at The Caverns

October 23, 2020
Slide & Banjo

Jason Isbell, The Caverns, 10/11/2020. |. Photo: Erika Goldring

I spent my 43rd birthday at a Jason Isbell concert, which – on its face – isn’t noteworthy. After all, I’ve spent plenty of birthdays, New Years Eves, and anniversaries at concerts. But those were when the world was normal. In 2020, we’re all in the middle of public health scare that has decimated the live entertainment world.

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Farmer Dave Speaks of Love, Heartbreak, and Utopia

October 13, 2020
Marty Halpern

Multi-instrumentalist and shaman to the California music scene Farmer Dave Scher has released a four-song EP titled “Speak of Love,” his first solo release since 2009’s “Flash Forward to the Good Times.” While Farmer Dave is legendary both musically and artistically, his main output has been as part of bands such as Beachwood Sparks, The Skiffle Players, and Kurt Vile and the Violators. This offering affords Farmer Dave the luxury of an unfiltered platform to get his message out.

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Joan Osborne Dials Up an A.M. Radio Sound with A Modern Message

September 25, 2020
Marty Halpern

Joan Osborne ; photo: Jeff Fasano

When Joan Osborne started kicking around ideas for her new album, she contemplated taking it in a couple of directions. First, a follow up to the Bob Dylan tribute album she released in 2017. After a few other thoughts and ideas didn’t materialize, Osborne gathered her group of longstanding backup vocalists and musicians and headed to the studio to record an album of new material.

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